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Edinburgh's RSS Example

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It's in here somewhere

We've been rummaging around Edinburgh's RSS feeds, and this is what he found. Actually, this page is intended as a demonstration of how a simple RSS fed page can be built to exploit the JCP Mirror system and its use of RSS. Things should load asynchronously, so you don't have to wait for everything; there's more on the 'Cockermouth' version of this page.

This is vaguely another Technology Demonstrator. It is wholly dependent on the Jobseekers Direct web-site and the fine fore-mention news sites for content. It's their content and although they don't actually state it, it's probably their copyright too (so we accept no liability for the content). If anybody is unhappy about the subject-matter of this Demonstrator let us know and we'll happily take it off-line.


No More Jobcentre RSS
Following the withdrawal of RSS feeds from the Jobcentre Plus Mirror Database, this page is starting to look a bit spartan. The page has been left as an historical artifact. 2011-05-17, 2012-12-21


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